Multimedia Content for the Company and Products

    The classic faux bamboo chair looks amazing with a unique surface finish that mimics the bamboo texture and the seat of Textilene fabrics or resin wicker. Different colors are available for you.

    You have a lot of choice for aluminum passion summer series.

    The whole chair made of aluminum is especially stable and durable with rational price.

    We make our plastic aluminum products in our molding plant and offer you an impressive array of colors and styles for your consideration.

    The mixed outdoor dining table set comes with wooden ACP table and chairs, aluminum and teak table and chairs, and aluminum frame Textilene fabrics dining chairs.

    The PVC Rattan with endurable color painting is tensile and hardly goes moldy.

    The full aluminum series feels like any metal but is relatively light.

    The binding strips attached with the newest aluminum series are from Indonesia matching with the white aluminum frame refreshes every one who uses it.

    We use quality aluminum to build the base of our lounge chair while choosing Textilene fabrics for seat.

    Provide silicone rubber products with specific colors.

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