Multimedia Content for the Company and Products
Material Warehouse

    We have aluminum pipes of all types and square aluminum plate.

    We make test on the rigidity and specification of the materials to ensure quality products.

    We import rattans from Indonesia and inspect on the specification, tensile stress and color of the rattan.

Weaving and Rattan Fabricating

    We have a total of 80 weaving workers who are familiar with our products with a month output of 1000 pairs of chairs.

    The fabricating of faux bamboo chair cushion.

    Interweaving structure of the chair back.

  • Our water-proof chair of PE material is UV protective and anti-aging with high resilience and has high tensile strength and recycling performance.

  • We make leveling on every finished chair and check if it is well weaved. Then we make adjustments on the weaving of the rattan to make it soft and good-looking.

Injection Molding Plant

    We have an 800tons and a 650 tons injection molding machine for the processing of aluminum chair of different sizes and another 8 ones for the processing of all types of accessories.

    The products are processed by injection molding machine of 0.1mm torque accuracy with a monthly output of 9000 pieces.

    Packaging of our furniture.

    The accessories processed by the 80ton molding machine.

  • The PE accessory is used to protect the aluminum rod from damage.

    The 500ton injection molding machine is used for the processing of cushion and back components of aluminum molding chair.

Varnish Spraying Plant

    Paint the chair frame with varnish to cover the bamboo texture to make it good-looking.

  • Paint the frame to seal the stripe from air and varnish it to protect the bamboo from aging in order to increase its service time.

  • The chair frame will be dried in 160℃ temperature for about 30 minutes.

  • The semi-finished chair frame with bright varnishing.

Bending and Welding Plant

    Argon arc welding and grinding is done on the screen by experienced workers.

    We have about 20 bending machines. Shown here is our high-speed bending machine which can process two pipes at the same time. It is more flexible in bending pipes and max.40mm and min.14mm diameter pipes can be fabricated.

  • Weld the accessory to the aluminum pipes.

    Make leveling on the chair frame as well as the legs and check if the seat is square. Make sure corner boxing welded joint on the chair legs.

Electrochemical Processing Plant

    Make electrolytic treatment on the chair frame and then wash it with water to remove the acid on the surface.

  • The chair frame is bright after electrolytic treatment.

Powder Spraying

    Two automatic spray gun system with 8 jets in electro static condition spray powder evenly. You can choose the powder you want. Clean the acid and oil on the surface and dry it before powder spraying.

  • Black sand powder spraying shown here is eye catching.

Carton Processing

    We make our carton in flexible time and produce carton suited to the size of our products which is very efficient.

Outfitting and Packaging

    Our experienced workers assemble the aluminum chair, which ensures the good quality and efficiency.

    Designed especially for our aluminum chair, the trailer with wheel makes it convenient for packaging and transport.

Finished Products Warehouse

    Our finished products with packaging are stored here.

    Packaging of aluminum chair.

    Products for shipping.

Sample Checking

    Check if the seat is square and weigh and measure it to make sure all products are qualified according to the drawing.

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